Ezratuba have utilized the Grafen Fabric they have developed in collaboration with Orta Anadolu Denim for the main pieces of their 2022 Winter Collection.
The Graphene Fabric provides for conductivity which in turn makes electricity generation possible. The fabric can also be used to create phone screens in the sleeves of costumes. Read More...
GrapheneFabricis 99% efficent in providing active protection against viruses.
With the hi-tech and sustainable fabrics they are using in theirWinter 22 collection,fashion designers Ezra Tuba are sending out the message that it is high times efforts to render our MotherEartha livable planet are commenced. The designers declare that they will act responsibly as they steer their brandfrom the present into the future.
Ezratuba have completely overhauled their working environment and the processes and materials they incorporate in their products as well the working conditions for their employees to comply with the principles of sustainability for a livable future world.
The designers have started to use artificial leather made of apple pulp and cotton produced by sustainable bio dynamic agriculture.Designers Ezratuba have also utilized Graphene ConductiveFabric  which is easilybiodegradable in nature.
If you, too are imagining such a world, then come on, let’s join our efforts.

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