Ezra and Tuba Çetin were born and raised within the fashion industry. From an early age the sisters got involved in the family textile company and then they went on to broaden their knowledge with studies in art and design.


Ezra Çetin studied graphic design at the Bilkent University in Ankara and visual art at the Marmara University in Istanbul, while Tuba Çetin studied visual art at the Bilkent University in Ankara and textile and design at the Yeditepe University in Istanbul. “ezratuba” was founded on 27th October 2006 a designer brand accompanied by the awareness of a multinational brand for women.


“ezratuba etcetura” officially took its place in “Paris Fashion Week” in 2009/2012 not only as a Turkish designer brand but also as a world brand in the garment industry and couture in terms of position. It is a brand addressing to A and B+ segments.


“ezratuba” is also one of the rare designer brands who leaps forward across the world in nano-technologies and wearable technologies. Wearable technology designs created together with US Intel made a tremendous impact throughout the world and it became the face of advertisement campaignsf or 2016 Intel world launch.



” We prepared 5 different projects and put them into practise and communicated with Intel.Our ideas were purely original and took place in the world.We have brought the first wearable product into life and have not stopped so far. Now we have 4 more products ready breaking into market. We are aware of we are not just designing clothes, we are “Designing a Life” within the knowledge of the trainings we have got and the contribution of every subject we have developed within time.. Now, in your living spaces,with the smart touches of the “ezratuba” we put our signature under the minds of the objects you use. We are actualizing these projects with professional companies.For instance, we are carrying out architectural works with BM Architecture Murat Akdağ. Lastly, we prepared a product and space design for the launch of an airport.

Obviously we started to cooperate.Especially in our new projects, Astaş became the most exciting brand. Visioned company owners and managers’ intense interest in technology have led us to new ideas.We also have two important upcoming collaborations with Korea and America. This is very exciting. We will announce our new partnerships by making a vital launch in Turkey. There is no stopping because the time is incomprehensibly flowing.Even choosing our colleagues, we choose from those who use the time correctly and who catch up with our speed. So single-issue strategy is inssuficcient anymore to succeed.Every day we are still students, we work and learn wakefully.”